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Splicing Fid Kit

Splicing Fid Kit


This splicing kit is designed for splicing smaller, high tech line.  We originally built it for splicing lines on sailboats, more specifically smaller diameter high tech lines like dyneema, spectra, technora, vectran, and covered lines like Excel racing etc. However, we have had people purchase this kit for arborist work, pet leashes, kite surfing, catamaran and dingy sailing, wind surfing, camping, and even parachuting. 


The kit comes in the plastic carrying case to house all contents.

Contents of the kit:

- 9 fids

- 1 cutting board

- 10 single edge razor blades

- 2 spools of waxed whipping twine of differing size

- 1 bobbin/small spool of sewing thread

- 4 sewing needles of differing size

- 1 fid organizer

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