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Marstrom Tornado Compatible Rudder Lock Rebuild Kit

Marstrom Tornado Compatible Rudder Lock Rebuild Kit


This kit is for replacing parts of the rudder lock down assembly on Marstrom Tornado sailboats.  However, this kit is made by Malcheski Composites and is NOT a product of Marstrom nor is Malcheski Composites selling it in association with Marstrom.


A few years ago, I decided I wanted to replace the UV-damaged parts on my Tornado with carbon fiber parts that would not degrade in the sun.  I have replaced a few of the screws and plastic parts for the rudder locking assembly and decided to put together a kit with the carbon fiber parts I made.


Contents of the kit:

-2 carbon fiber lock down arm holders

-2 carbon fiber rudder mounting pin holders

-2 tapered plastic washers for top of rudder arm to crossbar pins

-2 plastic holder blocks for rudder-up position

-2 screws for rudders-up blocks

-2 locking tension adjuster screws

-2 locking tension adjuster mounts

-4 short screws for tension adjuster mounting

-8 metal washers for short screws above

-4 lock down wheels

-2 screws for lockdown arm holders

-2 plugs to replace worn threads (slide these into the end of the lock down arms where lock down arm holder is located)

  • International Shipping Info

    Shipping this kit to most foreign countries costs between $30 and $50 USD.

    If you have any questions please email us at the address at the bottom of any page on our site.

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