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Kevlar\Carbon and Shimmer Twill | Choose from 70 - 110 inches | $184 - $263.95

Kevlar\Carbon and Shimmer Twill | Choose from 70 - 110 inches | $184 - $263.95

PriceFrom $184.00

PLEASE NOTE:  If you order over 94 inches with Standard Shipping through our checkout, we will send the extension to you in 2 pieces along with a free inside repair ferrule for splicing the extension together.


If you are interested in purchasing a fixed-length extension longer than 94 inches (not including the plastic end) and would like to receive it full length, please email us for a quote including additional cost of shipping for an over-sized package.


A fixed length tiller extension comprised of carbon fiber and fiberglass to balance weight and durability.  Price will vary depending on the length range you select below.  Choose your length between 70 inches and 110 inches, which does not include the length of the attachment end you may so choose.


The outer layer of material on the colored kevlar units is a 2 by 2 kevlar\carbon twill whereas the outer layer on the gold and red shimmer units is a 2 by 2 carbon twill with a reflective material woven in.