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Based out of the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, we have been producing an adjustable tiller extension for almost 10 years now and have finally decided to formalize our product - Malcheski Composites.
From cutting the prepreg carbon to machining the locking mechanism parts, we make all the components from start to finish. So far several hundred are in use, primarily in the United States.
The units are made from prepreg unidirectional carbon fiber with a woven cover layer for beauty. They are processed at 250F or 120C. The locking mechanism is very smooth and reliable.

Please use the menu above to browse all of our products. For any questions or special requests, please email us at

We look forward to providing you a quality product and a great experience on the water.

95% of orders leave our shop within 24 hours, but please allow us up to 3 days.

Interested in a pink tiller extension? Please email us.

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